How to Enter RC100

Entry & Registration

Entry registration via Reviewr must be received by April 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

Entries must be accurate and complete.

There is no entry fee.

All applicants will be notified by May 17, 2019 whether or not they have been selected for advancement to Round 1: The Pitch.


Entries may be submitted by individuals, partnerships or corporations.

Each individual applicant may enter one idea. The idea must involve a plan to commercialize a new product or service.

Applicants must incorporate their start-up company in order to be eligible for the $100,000 investment.

RC100 Startup Competition Application

All RC100 Startup Competition applications submitted by applicants
must be received by no later than April 30 at 11:59 PM EST.

The Fine Print

Entry and Registration

Renfrew County CFDC may request additional documentation and substantiation.

Applicants must disclose any funding already received at the time of application. Any source of funding that has an equity ownership component must be disclosed.

When applying to the RC100 Start-up Competition, the applicant must warrant that they are not and will not be violating any contract or third party rights including any patent, copyright, trade secret, proprietary or confidential information, trademark, publicity or privacy right. Additionally, the applicant must warrant that they are not currently the subject of litigation before a court, tribunal, government board or agency, or that there is a threat of such litigation. The applicant must also warrant that there are no unexecuted judgment(s) registered against the applicant and that the applicant has not been petitioned into bankruptcy and there are no writs registered against the applicant or any of its shareholders.

The Renfrew County CFDC reserves the right to disqualify any entry that, in its sole judgment, violates the letter or the spirit of the RC100 Start-up Competition guidelines, processes and rules.

Before submitting entries, the Renfrew County CFDC urges applicants to confirm with appropriate advisers or legal counsel that any intellectual property described in their summary is protected; i.e., by appropriate intellectual property filings, notices, (patent, copyright, etc.). Concerning intellectual property, Renfrew County CFDC advises applicants to seek independent legal counsel.

The decisions of Renfrew County CFDC are final and binding.


The identities of the applicants and the short description of the business disclosed in the registration, as well as any pitch delivered during any RC100 event, are considered of public domain and can be used by the Renfrew County CFDC for marketing and publicity purposes.

All applicants are asked to participate in media and press opportunities related to the RC100 Start-up Competition. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An applicant may be asked to provide a 150-200 word description that will be made available to media and may be released publicly, either in part or in its entirety.
  • An applicant may be asked to speak to the media for competition-related interviews when requested by the organizing committee.
  • An applicant may be asked to provide quotes and/or content for any competition related press releases. Participating in media and press opportunities in no way, shape, or form requires teams to disclose any proprietary or otherwise confidential information related to their businesses. Renfrew CFDC agrees to provide consultation to any applicant, upon request, to avoid such disclosures while participating in press related opportunities, should the applicant express their desire for such consultation and support relative to their intellectual property.


  1. RC100 Start-up Competition applicants agree that they will not use the name of “Renfrew County CFDC”, “Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation”, “RC100′′ or any variation, adaptation, or abbreviation thereof, or any trademark owned by Renfrew County CFDC in any advertising or publicity without the prior written permission of Renfrew County CFDC.
  2. Renfrew County CFDC makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the RC100 Startup Competition, express or implied. In no event shall Renfrew County CFDC be liable for any advice, information or decision made for or on behalf of the RC100 Startup Competition or for incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including economic damages or injury to property and lost profits, regardless of whether Renfrew County CFDC shall be advised, shall have other reason to know, or in fact know of the possibility of the foregoing.
  3. Renfrew County CFDC reserves the right to update the Rules of the competition at any time. It is the responsibility of each and every applicant to be aware of any updates; although Renfrew County CFDC will endeavour to ensure that all participants are advised of any changes made to the Rules will be published online here on the official RC100 website. In the event that there is any disagreement between the preceding Rules and any other documents, the Rules published here will prevail.
  4. The decisions of Renfrew County CFDC are final and binding.